The Two Brewers Northaw - Pub Painting

The Two Brewers is a traditional country pub in the village of Northaw which sits between Potters Bar and Cuffley. Serving traditional British food, ales and fine wine. The pub has purpose built conservatory restaurant with seating benches out front and a very spacious split level sun trap of a garden out back which has a great view of the village church. 


NEW 2 Brewers Front

The Two Brewers stood roughly opposite the Lord Nelson in a row of cottages just to the north of Brookfield lane. A photo from 1905 shows a small cottage like pub with a McMullens sign over the door. The pub isn’t mentioned in the Tithe Award, although other records show the landlord at the time was Thomas Hunt. By 1851 it had been taken over by Ann Noyes, a relatively young widow. She remarried in 1856 to a man called John Vigues, but the marriage was unsuccessful. In February 1858 Vigues was arrested for violent assault both on his wife and a police constable who went to her assistance. Ann apparently refused to give evidence against her husband who was only convicted of assault on the constable. 

The following year Ann Vigues - the keeper of the Two Brewers beer shop, Cheshunt St. and whose husband (John Vigues) descried her in August, applied for an order for the protection of her property against her husband, should he at any time return. The magistrates made the necessary order. Ann died only two years later aged only 46 or 47. Though the cause isn’t recorded. The pub was briefly taken over by her daughter, and then passed to Joseph Loynes, George Cant and Charles Cleaver. The last record in in 1901 where the Two Brewers is given as the residence of Jane Taylor described as an “Inn Dining Room Waiter” and it doesn’t figure at all in the 1911 census.

NEW 2 brewers Entrance

The Two Brewers are in the top ten of Hertfordshire's best pubs and restaurants to order a Sunday roast dinner according to Tripadvisor

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